Auralee’s values are inscribed in a true sense of modernity and purpose : Authenticity rhymes with clarity of design; calm elegance aligns with gentle formality; comfort is balanced by sensitive sophistication.

Auralee collections’ inspiration come in many forms : “ The weather of the day, the colors surrounding me in my daily life, my travels”, says Ryota Iwai. “Ideas come to me through the feel of the various materials and textures I source.” Each collection starts with an extensive research of the best high-quality raw materials and yarns, sourced in Japan and all over the world. This is followed by the design and development of original fabrics: Making the most of their nonpareil quality and value, and giving each collection a unique flavor and a distinctive character.

Trends may come and go—what stays is personal style. Timeless yet rooted in the moment, Auralee’s collections provide real clothes for an elegant, effortless yet functional way of dressing. Pure silhouettes are beautifully cut and impeccably constructed. Long-lasting, high-quality wardrobe staples are designed to enhance its wearers individuality, convey a relaxed simplicity, elevated and tinged with a sensitive, sophisticated edge.



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