"Inès Bressand is a designer who expresses a simple and unrestricted approach. Her craft based, considerate practice results in objects that are minimal and eclectic ; always with a sensitively applied playful twist. Her preoccupation with nature, humanness are underlying qualities of the significance of her work. She works through an undefined process ; where a cross-fertilization of cultures, art and craft knowledge are the inspiration. Hand based research, material handling and simple sketches are the mediums used to develop ideas and she prefers these over computer derived solutions. She feels more at home in a craftsman atelier or women workshops than in a design studio where she engages in fruitful dialogue with an attitude of respect and appreciation. She views traditional objects as masterpieces of design. She considers working with great crafts people through careful observation a privilege, using rudimentary and accessible engineering methods for problem solving as concepts develop collaboratively."

Words by Peter Mabeo


Inés Bressand

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