loose tee in isatis blue

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100% bamboo Lyocell
naturally dyed with woad - due to the nature of dye method color may vary
Certificates: FSC 
Made in Portugal


Woad (Isatis tinctoria) is a perennial herb that grows best in southern Europe where it produces the highest quality dye. Woad has indigo as the main dyeing component. The plant has an extremely long root, making it almost indestructable. The dye comes out of the dye bath yellow-green until oxidation turns it blue. When given the right conditions, the woad leaves start to ferment, excreting pigment to the water. It was the reigning blue dye in Europe until the arrival of indigo in the middle of the 16th century. The plant has healing properties and was also used to dye the cloth used for mummies in Egypt.

cold wash on a gentle cycle, using natural detergent and hang drying
Naturally dyed garments are sensitive to sun exposure. To ensure colourfastness, do not dry or store in direct contact with the sun.

Size measurement
XS Length 57cm / Bust 50cm / Shoulder 48cm
S   Length 59cm / Bust 52cm / Shoulder 50cm

Model wears a size S

100% 竹來源萊塞爾(再生纖維)- 菘藍天然染
原料認證 - FSC

菘藍(woad / Isatis Tincotoria)為一種多年生的草本植物,在歐洲南部生長得最豐盛,染料的質量也最好。這種植物的根長而有韌性。染浴中呈黃綠色,直至氧化變成藍色。在予以合適的條件下,菘藍葉發酵,將色素分泌至水中。在16世紀中葉藍染(indigo)問世之前,它一直是歐洲主要的藍色染料。





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